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Nevada Department of Emergency Management

NVEmergencyMgmt Beginning October 1, 2020, #travelers may only use a #RealID driver’s license/ID, passport, or another acceptable form of ID to fly domestically or get inside a government building. For more info & the documents needed to obtain a Real ID, visit:
02:35PM Sep 14
NVEmergencyMgmt Your #pet is family, but what you would do with your pet in an #emergency ? Here are 3 ways: * Take a selfie with your pet to help with reunification * Update your pet's microchip info * Find a pet-friendly place to take your pet in an #evacuation More:
02:45PM Sep 06
NVEmergencyMgmt #NatlPrepMo - Wk 1 Sept 1-7 Save Early for Disaster Costs Americans at all income levels have experienced the challenges of rebuilding their lives after a #disaster or #emergency . #PlanAheadNevada learn how at:
02:25PM Sep 03
NVEmergencyMgmt Sept is #NationalPreparednessMo “Prepared, Not Scared." During NPM take the time to learn strategies to prepare for & bounce back from unexpected emergencies & disasters. Week 1: Sept 1-7 Save Early for Disaster Costs Register for a webinar today:
02:15PM Sep 02
NVEmergencyMgmt Sept is #NatlPreparednessMo -2019 theme is “Prepared, Not Scared." Weekly Themes: Wk 1: Save Early for Disaster Costs Wk 2: Make a Plan Wk 3: Youth Preparedness Wk 4: Get Involved in Your Community’s Preparedness Take action now visit: #PlanAheadNevada
02:01PM Sep 01

Utah Department of Emergency Management

UtahEmergency 1/ Oh Danno: A thread Seismologists sometimes bristle at the word “overdue.” But the Wasatch Fault has a devastating earthquake every 350 years or so and the last one was 350 years ago. #utpol
07:24PM Sep 17
UtahEmergency It’s there, but it’s hard to spot the #FrancisFire smoke from Kaysville.
02:12PM Sep 17
UtahEmergency Smoke fills the sky, shrouding the mountains #FrancisFire
10:02PM Sep 16
UtahEmergency Current view of #FrancisFire as seen from Kaysville.
09:58PM Sep 16

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