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Quote of the day

  • Lucy Maud Montgomery
    It wouldn't do for us to have all our dreams fulfilled. We would be as good as dead if we had nothing left to dream about. Discuss

Word of the Day

  • overzealous
    Definition: (adjective) Marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea.
    Synonyms: fanatical, rabid.
    Usage: The pop star's overzealous fans climbed over the security barriers in an attempt to get closer to her.

This Day in History

  • The First British Open Is Held in Scotland (1860)
    The Open Championship of the British Isles, or the Open, is the oldest and one of the most prestigious golf championship tournaments in the world. It began in 1860 at Scotland's Prestwick course and is now rotated among select courses in England and Scotland. The first tournament was won by Willie Park, who also recorded the tournament's highest single-hole stroke total—21. Though today the Open has a multimillion-dollar prize fund, there was no prize money initially. Instead, Park won what? Discuss