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Quote of the day

  • Edwin Abbott
    Few are the hearts whose happy lot it is at once to recognize in each other's voices the partner intended for them by Providence. Discuss

Word of the Day

  • dupery
    Definition: (noun) Something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage.
    Synonyms: hoax, put-on, humbug, fraudulence.
    Usage: Even the most intelligent among us may be tempted by the dupery of Internet con artists if we are not careful.

This Day in History

  • The January Uprising Begins (1863)
    The January Uprising began as a spontaneous rebellion of young Poles in Russian Poland against conscription into the Imperial Russian Army. They were soon joined by Lithuanians living in the territory, but they were severely outnumbered and isolated, and they failed to win any major victories or capture any major cities. The Russians crushed the uprising and began an intensive program of Russification. During the uprising, Russian soldiers are said to have defenestrated what composer's piano? Discuss