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Quote of the day

  • W. Somerset Maugham
    I'll give you my opinion of the human race in a nutshell...their heart's in the right place, but their head is a thoroughly inefficient organ. Discuss

Word of the Day

  • silver-tongued
    Definition: (adjective) Having or exhibiting the power of fluent and persuasive speech.
    Synonyms: eloquent, smooth-spoken, fluent, facile.
    Usage: The silver-tongued politician trounced his opponent in the debate and earned enthusiastic applause from his supporters.

This Day in History

  • First Earth Day Celebrated (1970)
    The first Earth Day was organized in 1970 to promote ecological ideas, encourage respect for life on earth, and highlight growing concern over pollution of the soil, air, and water. Earth Day is now observed in more than 140 nations with outdoor performances, exhibits, street fairs, and television programs that focus on environmental issues. In 1990, Earth Day was marked by an "International Peace Climb," in which climbers from the US, Soviet Union, and China scaled what peak together? Discuss